Sectarian speech in media, media and violence, video games and children, media and the representation of genders, and violations of human rights are among the important topics to be discussed through media literacy. The generic syllabi found in the below links is a product of TOT (trainer-of-trainers) sessions during MDLAB 2014. Participant faculty were required to develop a media and digital literacy syllabus that caters to the needs of their institutions.

Generic Media and Digital Literacy Course Syllabus

University: Bayan College | Instructor: Wafaa Buraiki | MDLAB 2014(English)

University: American University of Science&Technology | Instructor: Tanya Dahdah | MDLAB 2014(English)

University: Lebanese University | Instructor: Rami Najem| MDLAB 2014(Arabic)

University: Sanaa University | Instructor: Sabah Al Khishni| MDLAB 2014(Arabic)