Junior university faculty, university undergraduates and graduate students, school teachers, media trainers, and activists.

If you are interested in joining MDLAB, email us at mdlab.center@gmail.com expressing your interest in applying. The MDLAB team will add you to the mailing list and email you the application link once it is open. After you apply online, you will need to send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the same email address mentioned earlier. If your application passes through the first phase, you will be contacted by the MDLAB team for a Skype interview. You will then be notified wether you were accepted or not by email.

You be notified wether you passed the first phase 3 weeks after you apply.

English and Arabic. The academy also provides simultaneous translation (Arabic-English/English-Arabic)

Because most digital applications and media literacy concepts are in English and there is no accurate translation for them in arabic yet, we advise applicants to have at least basic level of English.

MDLAB is a dynamic academy that offers lectures (presentations and panel discussions) and digital workshops. The lectures are usually interactive and encourage participants to participate in Q&As and dialogues with guest speakers. In the afternoons, you will attend digital workshops where you will use digital apps to complete the daily assignments. The academy also offers social events and cultural excursions.

Limited financial aid and scholarships are provided based on your academic standing, CV, and interview performance.

Preferably, you are to arrive to Beirut a day before the academy starts to ensure you are on time for orientation. You are expected to participate in the whole program which runs from 9:00 – 17:00, Monday through Friday. There will be social events and cultural excursions on Saturdays and Sundays which are optional.

The academy is fairly a casual and the weather in Beirut is hot. Most participants wear jeans and shirts for the majority of the two weeks–nothing fancy or formal is necessary.

Although most students will wear shorts, jeans and casual summer dresses most of the time, there will be a handful of slightly more formal occasions such as the farewell dinner gathering, but keep the clothing light.

Note that we will take two field trips (see below), and some walking will be involved. You can also take a walk on the corniche after the day ends at the academy and during the weekends, so make sure to pack your sneakers.

You should also pack some swimming and beach clothes, as we are very close to the sea and you can utilize AUB’s beach or any of the numerous swimming areas nearby. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

You should bring a laptop with you as you will need to go online for research and creation of projects during the program. We will only have access to a limited number of computer terminals. You should also bring your smart phones and tablets as you will need them for some of the applied activities.

Lebanon uses 220 volt current and European-style electricity outlets (2 prongs). Computers already have converters for the voltage issue, but other small electronics may not. You can purchase adapters in local shops for under $2.

It’s up to you how much money you want to spend while in Beirut. The academy only covers the lunch break, two coffee breaks, and the excursions. You may choose to visit a local grocery store to have a few extra snacks on hand. Also, you may occasionally choose to eat at local restaurant during dinner (check out the “Getting Around” section for a list of restaurants and coffee shops in the area). If you choose to do these things, you’ll be spending a bit more money.

Shopping for clothes and gifts is also possible while in Beirut. If you plan on buying souvenirs for your friends and family, budget accordingly. Both Lebanese Pounds and US Dollars are accepted everywhere. Credit cards are accepted in most major stores and restaurants in the city. There are also plenty of ATMs around the city.

Most areas in Beirut and around the country are safe. Current hot spots include Tripoli and the areas north of it (Akkar), and the northern half of the Bekaa valley (Baalbeck and the areas north of it).

In general, if you plan to venture outside the Beirut area, please inform the academy organizers by email of your plans at mdlab.center@gmail.com and include your contact information. It is always safer to travel with locals who know the country and in groups rather than individually.

If you will have mobile service in Lebanon, it’s a good idea to download one of the breaking news apps that can keep you informed of potential dangerous areas. We recommend one of the following:

– Elnashra (Arabic)
– Al-Jadeed “New TV” (Arabic)
– Bulbul News (Arabic)
– LBCI News (English)