Celebrate the Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 

31 October – 06 November, 2016



What is Media literacy in your community?

Media Literacy aims to empower individuals and communities and enables them to critically and effectively access, evaluate, analyze, and produce media using different methods and tools. In our Arab context—a context where war, conflict, instability, and authoritarianism defines our daily lives—what is media literacy? Does media literacy help us counter violent extremism? Understand terrorism? Respond to hate speech and sectarianism? Defend beliefs and principles? Establish dialog and bridge divided communities? Resist discrimination and authoritarianism? Uphold democratic values and freedoms? Promote human rights and equality? Help besieged and enslaved communities?

Add your voice to help define what media literacy means in our beloved Arab communities! What priorities should it address? What problems should it solve? What change should it instigate?


What is Media Literacy Week?

Media literacy week aims to raise awareness and bring visibility to the importance of media literacy in education and everyday life. Everyone is welcome to celebrate MIL week (October 31-November 6) whether individually or in groups that includes educators, students, parents, activists, and trainers from any field.

How to celebrate Media Literacy Week with MDLAB?

Celebrate media literacy week with MDLAB by answering this question and addressing the matters discussed above: What media literacy do we want for the Arab world? What priorities should an Arab Media Literacy address?


– Develop ONE problem/priority that Arab media literacy should address/solve and show us examples of the problem and the possible media literacy solutions.

– Record a 45-60 second video mentioning your problem’s solution and showing us examples of both.

– Upload your video on Youtube and share the link with us by sending it to mdlab.center@gmail.com

– Share your video on your social networks using the hashtags: #MILweek #MDLAB #medialiteracy #informationliteracy

The top five videos will be featured on MDLAB’s website and will be sent to the organizers of UNESCO’s global MIL week.

DEADLINE for submission: November 4, 2016

Add your voice! What media literacy do we want?