Our Mission

The Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB) works on the expansion of media and digital literacy education in the Arab world by providing the needed training (TOT), curricular material and resources, and motivating faculty to transfer what they learned to their institutions.

MDLAB brings together top faculty, activists,  undergraduate, and graduate students from around the Arab region for two weeks every summer. Faculty and deans from more than a dozen different universities across the region participate in the academy, giving lectures and acting as mentors to small teams of students.

The academy is conceived to promote the importance of media and digital literacy in the region and to understand how to utilize media to better understand the events happening in the region. The academy also works on understanding the relationship between our region, communities, ourselves, the economy, and politics.

MDLAB has established a network of regional universities, schools, trainers, activists, and media educators rotating around the development and promotion of media and digital literacy education.