MDLAB 2014 hosted 54 faculty and student participants from 15 different universities from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Oman, UAE, and Lebanon. With the training received and resources, two universities (Damascus University in Syria and Rafik Hariri University in Lebanon) managed to introduce a media and digital literacy course at their institution by Fall 2015.

MDLAB 2014 focused on media literacy and human rights. 18 lectures and panels and seven applied activity sessions were led by experts in media and digital literacy  lectures: Sut Jhally (Univ. of Massachusetts), Susan Moeller (Univ. of Maryland), Abeer Al Najjar (American University of Sharjah), Yasmine Dabbous (Lebanese American University), Carola Richter (Freie Universität Berlin), Lina Ghaibeh (AUB), Irada Zaydan (Univ. of Baghdad), Mustafa Haid (Dawlaty Organization), Sarah Mallat (AUB) and Jad Melki (LAU). Ramz Sahuri, Haneen Al Khairi, Christina Tkacik, Heather Jaber, Jason Lemon, Nayla Mabsout, and Laura Brechlin assisted the academy’s chairperson Dr. Jad Melki and director Ms. Lubna Maaliki.

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