MDLAB 2015 hosted hosted 47 faculty and student participants from 18 different universities from Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Oman, UAE, and Lebanon and three school teachers from International College (IC) Lebanon.

MDLAB 2015 was convened August 10 to 23, 2015. This year’s theme revolved around Media Literacy, Wars, and Terrorism. Ten experts in media and digital literacy led the main 17 lectures and six applied activity sessions: Stephen Reese (Univ. of Texas, Austin), Moses Shumow (Florida International University), Paul Mihailidis (Emerson College), Yasmine Dabbous (Lebanese American University), Dima Dabbous (Lebanese American University), Sarah Mallat (AUB), Jad Melki (LAU), Rasha Abdulla (American University of Cairo), Alaa Ghazal (Dawlaty Organization), and Suheil Dahdal (American University of Sharjah). Patyl Kevorkian, Dicky Kurkijian, Chafic Najem, Alissar Daher, Samira Makki, Maryam Ghaddar, Jena Nabut, Maya Habib, Ghia Al Bardan, and Maya Wakim assisted the chairperson Dr. Jad Melki and the director Ms. Lubna Maaliki.

With support from MDLAB 2015, the Ministry for the development of media programs in Iraq accepted the proposal to include a media literacy course as part of the mass communication, journalism, and Public Relations majors. The course will be effective starting Fall 2016-2017 in University of Baghdad, Al Iraqiya University, Al Mustansiriya University, University of Mosul, Thi Qar University, Tikrit University, University of Anbar, and Wassit University.

MDLAB 2015 Full Program