The generic syllabi found in the below links is a product of TOT (trainer-of-trainers) sessions during MDLAB 2013. Participant faculty were required to develop a media and digital literacy syllabus that caters to the needs of their institution.

Generic Media and Digital Literacy Course Syllabus

University: Rafik Hariri University | Instructor: Serene Srouji | MDLAB 2013(English)

University: The American University of Beirut | Instructor: Dina Hakim | MDLAB 2013(English)

University: The Notre Dame University | Instructor: Maria Bou Zeid | MDLAB 2013(English)

University: Syrian International Academy | Instructor: Hamoud Al Mahmoud | MDLAB2013(Arabic)

University: Damascus University | Instructor: Arabi Masri | MDLAB 2013(Arabic)