yasmine-dabbousHow are Arabs and Muslims represented in Western Media? What is the image of Islam and Muslims in German media?

During MDLAB 2014, Dr. Dabbous briefly explained Edward Said’s Orientalism and defined the meaning of stereotypes, semiotics, and framing. The lecture also included analysis of Disney’s “Aladdin” and Jack Shaheen’s “Reel Bad Arabs”. Dr. Dabbous ended her lecture stating the impact of such stereotypes on Arabs and Muslims.

carolaIn her turn, Dr. Carola Richter discussed the image of Islam and Muslims in German media where she presented opinion polls on Muslims in Germany and magazine cover samples showing how muslims are depicted in German media.

Dr. Yasmine Dabbous is an assistant professor of Journalism and Media Studies and the director for the Institute of Media Training and Research at the Lebanese American University.

Dr. Carola Richter is an assistant professor of International Communication at the Free Berlin University.

Download Yasmine’s Powerpoint Presentation

Download Carola’s Powerpoint Presentation