Ms. Mishka Mourani (IC), Ms. Lynn Sakr (Jesus & Mary), and Ms. Ghadeer Mansour (PYLARA) moderated by Lubna Maaliki (LAU) shared with us their experience in introducing media literacy in their schools.

Ms. Mourani talked about MDL in IC is incorporated MDL within the curricula in the early grades and provided training to teachers and trainers by sending them to MDLAB. IC also created self-evaluation forms for students and teachers regarding MDL skills and topics such as violence, gender, peer pressure, racism, health, digital storytelling, and critical thinking.

Another successful story came from Lynn Sakr who clarified that MDL at J&M is indirectly linked from early school years through critical thinking. The school is now working with three other schools and the ministry of education to incorporate MDL in schools.

On the other hand, Ghadeer Mansour spoke about the Palestinian experience with MDL. The project started in Palestine in 2014 through the Palestinian Media Authority­­, an independent group supported by DW and Ministry of Education, in the outskirts of Jerusalem in four schools aimed at students aged 12-16 years. Objective of MDL in Palestine is to train students on how to access, analyze, evaluate, and create media messages and enhance critical skills targeting issues such as environment, bullying, discrimination, and community.