Covering Human Rights Violations

Dr. Nora Boustany (AUB), Mr. Ali Hashem (Al Monitor), Ms. Alia Ibrahim (Al Alarbiya), and Mr. Lutfi Abu Aun (ITN) discussed covering wars, conflict and human rights in the Arab world during MDLAB 2015.

Media Framing and News

What is media literacy? What are its goals? and how is it relevant to social media? After defining and answering these questions during MDLAB 2015, Dr. Stephen Reese explained what is framing and the types of frames found in media

Political Economy of News

"If media is owned by all these political figures and they are controlling our mind then why should we care?"

Media Literacy in the Arab world

The opening session for MDLAB 2015، started with Dr. Jad Melki explaining about the academy's objectives, outcomes, and expectations.

Rumor Management and the Digital Age

Mustafa Haid discussed how can we verify information whether received through traditional or new media. Haid also mentioned the risks of issuing false information putting someone’s life at risk.

Portrayal of Arab women in media

Dr. Irada Zaydan gave a lecture about the presence of women in media, film, and textbooks in the Arab region during MDLAB 2014.

Digital design principles

What makes a presentation stand out? What elements do we need to pay attention to when creating a formal powerpoint presentation?

Portrayal of Arabs in Media

How are Arabs and Muslims represented in Western Media? What is the image of Islam and Muslims in German media?

Portrayal of Minorities in Media

Media should use positive idioms when raising awareness regarding sexual health when addressing the public.

News Construction

Accuracy, balance, and factuality are main characteristics of news and the components of being news literate.

State of MDL and Human Rights

Panel discussion joining Dr. Abeer Najjar (Jordan), Dr. Omayma Maarwai (Syria), Dr. Irada Zaydan (Iraq), Dr. Saleh Masharqa (Palestine), and Ms. Lubna Maaliki (Lebanon) to discuss the situation of Media [...]

The Occupation of the American Mind

What is happening in the territories the Israeli’s occupied since 1967? In his lecture during MDLAB 2014, Dr. Sut Jhally explains the propaganda techniques and Israel's public relations campaign in the U.S.