Women Shaping Women One Image At A Time: A Media Literacy Journey

In her lecture "Women Shaping Women, One Image at a Time", Dr. Jayne Cubbage discusses stereotypes of black women in media and presents media literacy as a key solution.

Digital Technology and Addiction

Do we need new new teaching pedagogies nowadays with the emergence of different social platforms?  

Deconstructing Extreme & Radical Messages in the Digital Age

Dr. Claudia Kozman gave a lecture on deconstructing extreme and radical messages in the Digital Age with reference to framing theories.

Power of Data

Data do not stand in linear deterministic relationship to the things represented in them.

Security in the Digital Age

"Security in the Digital Age" hosted activism and digital security experts to discuss the security issues that faces human rights activists during war and conflict.

“Who owns what?”: News and Political Economy

Dr. Moses Shumow speaks about what is it like to have powerful media owners. Dr. Shumow also discusses the impact of politics on media and vice versa.

Teaching about Propaganda Past, Present and Future

Dr. Hobbs showed participants how to recognize the techniques of propaganda and invited faculty participants to fight negative propaganda through education, specifically media and digital literacy education.

Remixing the Civic Imagination

This lecture discusses how to deal with entertainment media once we have the capacity to tell our own story through acquiring skills through play.

MIL in Schools

Ms. Mishka Mourani (IC), Ms. Lynn Sakr (Jesus & Mary), and Ms. Ghadeer Mansour (PYLARA) moderated by Lubna Maaliki (LAU) shared with us their experience in introducing media literacy in their schools. Ms. [...]

Media, Youth, and Radicalization

Ms. Oubada Kasar (LAU), Ms. Nadine Mazloum (Newsroom Nomad), and Dr. Khaled Nasser (LAU) moderated by Ms. Nada Abdul Samad discussed the relation between media and youth radicalization. Ms. Oubada Kasar talked [...]

By Any Media Necessary

Dr. Henry Jenkins and Dr. Sangita Shresthova explored specific promises and challenges through a case study of American Muslim youth networks that confront the often harsh political climate of Post-9/11 America.

Media Literacy and MDLAB

Dr. Jad Melki opened the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB) 2016 with a lecture about media literacy and the missions and goals of MDLAB.