Internet governance

How is the internet governed and regulated by governments, private sectors, and civil society and how this shapes the evolution and use of the Internet?

Communication Design of Modern Terrorism

How is ISIS communicating with the world ? What tools is it using to spread its ideology?

Privacy, Profits, and Security

"Governments are tracking you no matter what you do!" During MDLAB 2015, Dr. Moses Shumow covered the definition of privacy and showed the difference between the concept of privacy before and after

Media and Civic Activism

Building on Social media, surveillance, and privacy and Cyberactivism and and E-Mobility Dr. Paul Mihailidis addressed the influence of the media

Frontiers of Arab Media Literacy

Why is ISIS an important phenomena? Why is the west interested in ISIS? What is the relationship between extremism, sectarianism, and terrorism and media?

Media and Terrorism

Dr. Reese discussed how terrorist groups do not mind that the media covers their news and that sometimes they purposely carry out big operations in order to attract the media.

Covering War and Human Rights

Dr. Susan Moeller opened her lecture by stating that "We are now living in an era of images". Dr. Susan Moeller walked through Haiti 2010 earthquake, the Malaysian 2014 airplane bombing,

Media, Gender, and Body

How do we measure and assess beauty? Why do beauty standards differ from one society to another? Sarah Mallat answered the proposed questions based on two major social theories.

Effective Digital Storytelling

"Technology is not what is most important when telling a story digitally. It is the content that matters" How can we use technology effectively to tell stories in a digital age? Watch Dr. Suheil Dahdal's presentation during MDLAB 2015

E-Mobility and Activism

Dr. Rasha Abdulla spoke during MDLAB 2015 of the role of social media in civic activism. Dr. Abdullah presented a definition of e-mobility and the conditions that must be met for this type of mobility to take place

State of MDL education

Dr. Mohamad Abu Al Rub (Palestine), Dr. Inas Al Khoreiby (Egypt), Ms. Lubna Maaliki (Lebanon) discussed the state of Media and Digital Literacy education and human rights in the Arab region

Approaches to MDL education

We are at a time where we are building our lives around media. So, what are the ways to approach media and digital literacy?